LARSEN, Wis. (WFRV) – A family farm has become a staple for one community.

The Overton family has owned ‘Curvy Hill Farm’ in Larsen since 2015. They offer fresh eggs, season produce, and meat.

Once the pandemic hit, Brooke Overton resigned from her job. Her and her husband, Ryan, used their love of cooking and baking to open a baking business right at the farm.

“If we didn’t have this during the COVID shut down, what would we have done? We’re so busy, what would we have done this whole time with nothing to do?”, Brooke explains.

The baking business has done extremely well. They’ve had customers since the start in May until now. The community has supported them since the start and the Overton’s tell Local 5 how gracious they are for their support.

Right now is maple syrup season at the farm and it’s one of the biggest hits at ‘Curvy Hill Farm’. The family had over 300 gallons of sap this season.

The Overton’s offer home delivery with purchases from the baking business. Right to your doorstep service and Brooke says it’s been so convenient for customers during COVID.

It takes the whole family for the farm to function and the two daughters, Dakota and Bristol, help out every step of the way. Their favorite part? Checking for eggs and feeding the chickens.

For Ryan and Brooke, it was a high school crush back in 2005 that never stopped. They originally met through ‘Future Farmers of America’ and years later, led them to owning ‘Curvy Hill Farm’.

Raising their two daughters on the farm was important for Ryan and Brooke so they could have the ability to explore and teach their daughters life lessons.

“Coming off of a dairy farm myself, for the longest time growing up you just kind of want to get away. It kind of got drawn back on me and I wanted to bring that to these two as well”, says Ryan.

To learn more about ‘Curvy Hill Farm’ and all of the goods they offer, you can visit their Facebook page.