(WFRV) – Due to COVID-19, the furniture industry has seen massive delays on product.

Furniture stores across the country are feeling the effects along with customers. With people staying home more, Mandee Zaidel of ‘Town & Country Furniture’ in Little Suamico believes it’s caused the increase of demand for new furniture.

“Nobody knew how or what was happening or what to do when this pandemic hit. Do people run and hide? Or do they go spend the pandemic bonus or their pandemic funds? And that’s what they did. They hit the stores in record numbers and its gotten to the point where we’ve never seen a rush quiet like this and I think it’s everybody being trapped in their house”, manufacture representative Andrew Bland explains.

Zaidel mentions how busy ‘Town & Country Furniture’ has been since the pandemic. Due to the surge, Zaidel says most companies are ‘at least 14-16 weeks’ wait and some are even as long as 6-8 months wait. It varies throughout each manufacture.

Manufactures are trying to get the products out of the doors as fast as they can and it’s been the number one goal since day one.

“It just keeps adding up. Getting fabric from overseas. Just every step of the process gets to be more difficult as you go and that’s what’s leading to a lot of these truly intense waiting time periods”, says Bland.

The excessive waiting periods have customers upset and it’s an every day battle between manufacturers, furniture stores, and the customers.

“It’s unfortunate and that’s not what anyone wants to hear is ‘I don’t know'”, Bland says.

Those waiting periods have had customers upset but Zaidel says it’s out of their control completely. She prefaces customers with the extreme long wait times and hopes those wait times are reduced.

If you’re someone who has been affected by the long wait times on furniture, Bland is optimistic in the coming months.

“Hopefully, with a little luck here, in the next coming months, we’re going to see a little bit of improvement”, says Bland.

‘Town & Country Furniture’ in Little Suamico is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.