GBPD makes good on their wager, donates to SFPD Foundation after Packers loss

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – There’s nothing like a good bet between friends. Especially when you’re both Chiefs of Police… but football is taken very seriously in both cities and a bet is a bet after all.

Police Chief Andrew Smith of the Green Bay Police Department and his old friend, Police Chief William “Bill” Scott of the San Francisco Police Department knew when the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers were going head to head in the NFC Championship game they had to make some sort of friendly wager.

What should it include? Donation for a good cause of course…and a little public humiliation in the name of football never hurt anybody.

They both agreed to a $50 donation to the other department’s Police Foundation and the loser has post a picture of themselves wearing the winner’s jersey on the department’s website.


Of course, no one agrees to a bet thinking they will lose. Both teams had very impressive records going into this game so both Chiefs were no doubt full of hubris.

Someone had to lose.

Police Chief Smith of Green Bay took the loss on the chin. “San Francisco had a really solid team and they did a great job out there.” He adds, “I couldn’t be prouder of our Packers but I knew it was time to pay the debt.”  

Smith says he looked high and low for a 49ers shirt but, “this is Packers territory,” so out of ideas, he did the next best thing, made someone on his staff photoshop him into an old Jerry Rice jersey. Small problem, these are police officers not graphic designers.

Not exactly worthy of a Kardashian Insta post but he felt it fulfilled the terms of the bet.

He also happily made the donation to the San Francisco Police Foundation as well. Later that night he received a thank you note from Chief Scott for the bet and the donation.

The Fire Chief of Green Bay, David Litton also made good on his lost bet and wore a 49ers shirt, and even hung up a smoke alarm with the San Francisco logo on it.

“I wish I would have known about his shirt,” says Police Chief Smith, “I would have borrowed it from him. We could have killed two birds with one stone… or paid two debts with one shirt.”  

While it’s fun to see two old friends tease each other about their home football teams, it’s also important to both departments to raise awareness of the Police Foundation.

The Police Foundation is a way for people to donate to the police department for things that the city budget wouldn’t support.

Green Bay’s Police Foundation focuses on three things:

  1. Safety equipment for officers – helmets, vests, other safety equipment they need
  2. Training for officers – to ensure they have the best and latest training, for example, implicit bias training is all paid for by the police foundation
  3. Community engagement – mostly youth programs – programs for their explorers, which is a program where young people partner with their officers to stay out of trouble and maybe even become officers themselves one day

The Green Bay Police Foundation was selected as part of Give Big Green Bay 2020, which is happening on February 18 – 19. You can donate online and have your donation matched by organizations like the Green Bay Packers. For more information, click here.

Chief Smith isn’t letting the Packers NFC Championship loss get him down. “It’s all good,” he says with a smile. In the end he says he has one thing to say to Chief Scott in California, “Wait ‘til next year.”  

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