GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Southwest High School is trying something completely new this year. Students are performing a musical revue, Night at the Musical Museum.

There are four wings inside the museum: early musicals, cinema, biographical musicals, and the greats, which include songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein. The production, featuring an all-girl cast, is comprised of original monologues and dialogue written by director Terry Martin. Students were also given the opportunity to write their own monologues.

“It was our main focus to give the students some sense of normalcy and to also be able to give more students individual chances to shine. With this, it actually gives every single student the chance to have a monologue or a dialogue, have a solo. It gives every student the opportunity that they might not have had even if we did a stage production, ” says co-director Tiffany Uitenbrook.

The revue, which will stream on Youtube Live, is incorporating live and pre-recorded elements. Students are embracing the idea of performing in a virtual revue.

“If I can’t do a real show on stage, I would rather this happen, because I think there was so much freedom that came along with it. I think it’s just really cool that we were able to put something together even though we’re all separate, we still have a passion about one thing and we’re able to have an amazing final product,” says Lizzy Cantrell, a senior at Green Bay Southwest.

“I thought that this was a humbling experience, because it was such a small group, that like it was really intimate. Everybody grew with each other, we all got better together. It was just really special to share it with the whole group,” says JaymeAnne Olson, a senior at Green Bay Southwest.

Despite the unique challenges students and teachers faced this year like learning the technological aspect and navigating the legalities of acquiring the licensing to the music, Uitenbrook says the entire process was rewarding.

“You need something to make you have joy in your heart, and music and art and theater can do that,” says Uitenbrook.

The opening night of Night at the Musical Museum is February 19 at 7 p.m., and the show will run until February 21.

For more information on Green Bay Southwest’s musical revue, click here.