GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay mother, who was once struggling with her identity as an artist and how that correlated with being a mother, is now giving women a way to celebrate their identities while stepping out of their comfort zone through creative art.

Kasey Hock founded ‘Mama + Maker’ in February of 2020. Its purpose is to empower women and to break down barriers through art.

“I just had this feeling that there was this connection that needed to be made between women where somebody could bring us together and sort of step up and say ‘Hey, lets make time for ourselves'”, says Hock.

That’s when Hock took it into her own hands with ‘Mama + Maker’. One way ‘Mama + Maker’ is building connections is by hosting virtual art classes.

These virtual art classes vary from drawings, paintings, woodwork, and so much more. It’s meant to be super affordable and very approachable, no matter someone’s art skills.

“It was really important to me that everybody knew that there was a space for art in their lives. So, it didn’t feel like art was this thing you needed to study in college or art was only for those five people that were such good drawers in high school. Art can be for everyone and these classes are really beginner level, super approachable”, Hock explains.

Classes range from 60-90 minutes long and all of the supplies needed for each class are shipped directly to participant’s homes. Artists in the classes will get step-by-step instructions along with live feedback from instructors. For those who can’t make the live class or get interrupted, there’s always a replay option.

Ages of participants range from teenagers, adults, or parent and kid duos.

Each class is $55.00 and it includes materials shipped.

One of the unique things that Hock incorporated with ‘Mama + Maker’ is a scholarship fund. The scholarship fund is intended for those who aren’t able to afford the classes but still want to participate.

Hock sells items on the ‘Mama + Maker’ website and all of the proceeds go straight to the scholarship fund.

The positive feedback Hock has received from ‘Mama + Maker’ has been overwhelming and she tells Local 5 that she’s so grateful for this journey.

“It feels like very much I started off with this seed of an idea, like this curiosity that kept persisting. It very much took on its own life force of what we’re doing and where we’re going and what the future of it is”, says Hock.

To sign up for a virtual art class or to learn more about ‘Mama + Maker’, visit their website or stay up to date with their Facebook page.