GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The streets of downtown Green Bay are noticeably quieter. A sight not uncommon in cities across the world as popular businesses shut down and more and more people are self-quarantining due to the coronavirus.

As employees of various industries are being sent home to work remotely, how do our fire departments and law enforcement agencies continue to serve in a way that keeps everyone, including themselves safe?

How do they handle this unprecedented change in our daily lives.

Officer Mallory Meves of the Green Bay Police Department says there are new protocols implemented for the staff like a mandatory hand washing station everyone must use upon entering the building.

Out in the field and for their vehicles, they are equally as careful, using bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, and heavy-duty plastic gloves.

Commander Kevin Warych says it’s important the Green Bay community knows the police department is a calming voice. “We’ll always respond to whatever the emergency is,” he says.

While they have changed some of their protocols to ensure the safety of not only the public, but the officers themselves, essentially the service the department provides will not change.

Officer Meves added there is a lot of talk about the hard-working employees of hospitals, clinics, etc. “Often times I think police, fire and rescue are forgotten.”

Just as those working in the health field, they don’t have the option to stay home.

This causes extra concern once they go home to their own families. “We’re out here for the greater good… our families didn’t sign up for this,” she added.

You may not see all of the changes being made but Commander Warych says the safety and well-being of everyone on the staff is of upmost importance while making sure the service they provide is not diminished an any capacity. “People can be reassured that we’ll always be here.”