(WFRV) — “Things are going to get up and running… everything is going to make a big comeback and things are going to be bigger and better than ever.” says Laura Orrico, President of her own PR firm in Chicago.

In the meantime, they have to get creative.  

With large gatherings banned, and music venues closed until further notice, artists are having to adjust to this new normal, even if it’s only temporary.

Dave Willems, co-creator of the Mile of Music festival says this has been a devastating time for musicians. All of the momentum the community has created as far as the live music scene in the Fox Valley has, “Come to a screeching halt.” He says.

Working from home is just one adjustment some professionals are having to make.

Laura Orrico is the President of Laura Orrico Public Relations in Chicago. She and her associate already work from home but the hardest part for them is not being able to get out of her “office” and socialize or go to client events.

Laura Orrico with Leonardo DiCaprio
26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Dave Willems adds, “You have to get over it pretty quickly because there’s a huge human toll to this and why this is happening… we have to be there for each other, lift each other up and hope for the best as we move forward.”

Mile of Music Festival

Musicians are doing what they can to stay connected, and getting their music out.

Every Friday, Chicago-based musician, Frank Rossi holds “Fridays with Frank” on his Facebook page. A live-streamed concert for his fans. This has been a common way for musicians to share their music during the time of physical distancing. Many of Laura’s clients are using this time to get their art out in the world and entertain people for free.

Musician, Frank Rossi

Something Dave Willems calls, “Therapeutic… making sure as artists they are able to share themselves and make connections to music fans in the region.”

Hortonville-based rock band, Polar Vortex are taking advantage of technology by writing new music using software that allows them to share recording sessions with each other. “It’s hard right now,” says band member Bryant Rahm, “But we’re taking every day as a learning opportunity to expand on ourselves.

Polar Vortex

Documentary filmmaker, Vito Pellicano was in the middle of filming his current project, “The Search for Aliveness”. Traveling around the world is required for the project, which has obviously been halted. Luckily he has some episodes already shot so he can stay ahead for a little while.

Filmmaker, Vito Pellicano
“The Search for Aliveness”

The thread of positivity is common among every artist Local 5 spoke with. The driving force in staying positive is knowing this will eventually pass.

Pellicano says, “I look at this as opportunity rather than a grievance. I look at it as staying positive… get creative and bringing a message of joy, hope, and inspiration to people.”

Willems agrees. “When we get back to doing this… we’re all going to need it. We’ll need to make some cool stuff happen so the community can feel like a community again.”

Mile of Music Festival