(WFRV) – The COVID-19 pandemic has added another level of business to the US Postal Service this holiday season.

With Christmas approaching, the USPS has always expected an increase in packages being shipped and delivered. Now with many people online shopping due to the coronavirus, the holiday season for postal workers has become a very busy time.

“We want to encourage our customers to mail their packages as early as you can with us and know we have many dedicated employees who are working diligently and giving it all they got so their packages can be delivered on time”, says Bob Sheehan, USPS Communication Specialist for the Lakeland District.

To adapt to the pandemic, the USPS made their seasonal hiring like usual and then upped their hiring this year to meet the challenges.

Sheehan says that he is really proud of every employee for how they have handled this unusual year and that they are rising up to the challenge in every way.

If you’re currently waiting for a package to be delivered so you can put that special gift under the tree, Sheehan tells Local 5 jus to be patient.

“We have many dedicated employees out there that are working hard and in overtime to make sure all of those packages get delivered on time”, Sheehan explains.