GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One couple made it a priority to create a Green Bay Packers fan cave when moving into their house in 2011 and now in 2021, that fan cave is going viral.

Andrew and Kelly Lomeli live near Dayton, Ohio but it’s their Packers fandom that makes them feel like they live in Titletown.

Growing up in California, 40-year-old Andrew never had a favorite football team. It was the gunslinging Brett Favre who first got Lomeli’s attention.

While deployed in the Military, Andrew and, his now wife, Kelly met. Kelly’s from the heart and soul of cheesehead nation, Green Bay.

“Once I found out she was a Packers fan, I put a ring on it right away and here we are 17 years later into our marriage”, says Lomeli.

Photo Credit: @thedrewcave, Instagram

When the couple moved into their house in Ohio back in 2011, an ultimate Packers themed fan cave was a must for Andrew.

“We wanted to have a place to host NFL football fans and sports fans”, Lomeli tells Local 5.

That’s when ‘The Drew Cave’ was introduced.

Photo Credit: @thedrewcave, Instagram

The 1,200 square foot ‘Drew Cave’ is everything Green Bay Packers. There’s everything from past and present Packers players including a 125 inch projector screen, two 50 inch TVs, a TV for the bar, a TV for the bathroom, autographed jerseys, helmets, decals, framed photos, footballs, Super Bowl memorabilia, and much more. There’s even a Bears logo in the toilet.

One of the most popular items that stick out to people are the replica Lombardi Trophies that are displayed.

“A lot of people tend to gravitate towards the four replica Lombardi Trophies that we have by the projector. They’re in glass cases with lights on them”, Lomeli explains.

Photo Credit: @thedrewcave, Instagram

Another unique piece in ‘The Drew Cave’ and one of Lomeli’s favorite pieces is a seat right from Lambeau Field.

“Everyone that comes over is always like ‘Is this real?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, look at the plaque! I got it right from Lambeau Field and through the Packers Pro Shop’. So when people actually see it, people are like ‘Hey can I sit in it?’, I’m like ‘Yeah, it’s a seat!’ like ‘Sit in it. Go sit in greatness. Go get that feel of greatness on your butt!'”, Lomeli laughs.

Photo Credit: @thedrewcave, Instagram

Lomeli tells Local 5 that the vibe during a Packers game day down in the fan cave is like a sports bar. It’s loud, there’s a bar, there’s drinks, food, and a lot of good times.

If the Packers win on Sunday against the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game, Lomeli could host his first Packers Super Bowl party. That’s been on his mind for awhile. Having a DJ and strobe lights are some of the things he’s thinking of doing if there’s a big Super Bowl party.

He’s confident the Packers will win but Lomeli might have other plans.

“There’s a potential that I might not be here because I might make the trip to down Tampa”, Lomeli says.

To see more of ‘The Drew Cave’, you can find it on Instagram @thedrewcave or on Tik Tok @thedrewcave.