(WFRV) – One father and son duo from Independence, Wisconsin traveled over four hours for a bonding day on the ice that left them with a memory and thrill that will last a lifetime.

Craig Sonsalla took his 6-year-old son Henry out on an ice fishing trip through ‘Adventure Wisconsin LLC’ to the Sheboygan River. Craig told Local 5 that it was a slow start to the morning but when Henry hooked his first fish, it was a big one.

Henry battled for nearly 10 minutes to reel in the fish and he described the fish as “really tough”. He was nervous he was going to lose it during the battle.

“She was really pulling”, says Henry. “I had no idea how big it was. All I could see was the snout and it went back under.”

After the nearly 10 minute battle, Henry successfully pulled a 31 and a half inch Rainbow Trout out of the water.

“I was really really excited. I thought it was going to be like 20 inches but it was bigger than I thought it was”, Henry explains.

Craig was happy with how well Henry listened to the instructions he gave him throughout the whole process and it was a feeling he can’t describe as a father.

“It was really cool especially to see his reaction and to see how pumped up he was”, says Craig. “There’s something about pulling a fish that big through an ice fishing hole with a little pole. I mean, especially for a young kid to do that. We were pretty proud of him. He listened really well.”

It was a memory the father and son duo will remember forever.