(OCONTO FALLS, Wis.) – 20-year-old Oconto Falls man is using his artistic skills to give back to his community and bring smiles to others.

James Naliborski has been painting since he was 14-years-old.

“My sister was the first one to buy a painting from me actually”, says Naliborski.

From musicians, actors, superheroes, and so much more, Naliborski’s art is never ending. The reaction from others through customers or social media keeps him wanting to get better and keep going.

“Their reaction means everything and that’s why I do what I do. They don’t expect it to be that good until they see it and they’re holding it and they’re like ‘WOW! You did this?’. It’s a nice feeling. It’s definitely my favorite part of the job”, Naliborski says.

Through Facebook, a city leader for Oconto Falls reached out to Naliborski and asked if he would help with the city’s ‘Fix Up Main Street’ campaign in 2020. So, he painted murals on Main Street. It took nearly a quarter of Naliborski’s summer and he went through a lot of spray paint but at the end of the day, he tells Local 5 it was totally worth it.

“I’ll pass it coming home from Green Bay or something and I’ll look at it and smile. Like ‘Oh! I did that!’. It’s pretty nice. It’s a good feeling. You get a lot of good compliments on it too from random people that you’ve never met”, explains Naliborski.

Naliborski realizes the importance and power of social media. He embraces it. Naliborski tells Local 5 that he worked on a painting of ‘Iron Man’ for two days, posted a TikTok, and woke up with 14,000 likes.

One of the coolest things that’s happened to Naliborski, in his artistic career, happened when he was 16-years-old and working on a Post Malone piece. Post Malone’s family acknowledged his art and messaged him words of encouragment.

The end goal for Naliborski is to be his own boss and do art full-time. One thing he dreams of is one of his idols to display his art work in their homes some day.

Naliborski does take commissioned, custom work. You can find him and his art work on Instagram (@jamesnaliborski_).