OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – One Oshkosh man is using his cooking skills and big heart to give back to his community.

Rodney Frazier, Owner of ‘Rodney’s Cafe’ in Oshkosh, saw people heavily affected the last year from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Using his platform and helping out was a no brainer.

“I’ve always thought that if you saw a need in your community, don’t wait for the next person to do something. You do what you can do in the community you live in”, says Frazier.

Frazier launched the ‘MEAL-A-THON’ project in January of 2021 where he offers a free meal to anyone who is in need.

All customers have to do is text ‘MEALATHON’, your name, number of meals desired, and what time/day the customer will be picking up the meals to 920-203-7749. Frazier asks for a 24 hour in advance notice to ensure availability. After sending a text, customers will receive a code that they will be asked to present during their pick up time.

“There’s no answer or me asking questions as to why you need this food. Anyone can come get a free meal, a hot meal, a nutritious meal, and feed their families”, Frazier explains.

This is the 9th week of the ‘MEAL-A-THON’ project and Frazier is serving around 100 free meals per day.

Frazier tells Local 5 the support and donations he’s received in the community has been overwhelming and he’s so grateful.

“It’s been amazing. It really has. It’s been amazing. So many people really appreciate what I’m doing for the community. People that are coming to get this food really appreciate what I’m doing”, Frazier explains.

Frazier has always been a caregiver for elderly people and people with disabilities. He tells Local 5 that his focus is not only on them but for everyone that is experiencing struggles in their lives.

Frazier’s heart and compassions was taught and passed along to him from his father who he talks highly about.

Frazier plans to set up a nonprofit organization in the future that will continue to help people in many other ways when it comes daily life, including jobs. A goal Frazier has is to own a mobile kitchen that will allow him to take hot free meals anywhere food is needed.

To learn more about Rodney’s Meals and the ‘MEAL-A-THON’ or to donate, you can visit Frazier’s website or Facebook page.