GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A community full of art is a community full of culture.

Downtown Green Bay is adding another piece of public art to its collection.

Their latest installation, Salva Jelly, is tucked away in a quaint, green space downtown.

The Green Bay Public Arts Commission put out a call for art that caught Brandon Minga’s eye.

“I was just looking on Instagram and Facebook, and there’s been an overwhelming call for artists all over and I saw this one and I submitted, and they loved it,” says artist Brandon Minga.

Minga, a Milwaukee-based artist, and his creative team, The House of Rad, Resident Artist Doers, created the jellyfish-inspired piece.

“The design for Salva Jelly came out of Wisconsin’s industrial past. We’ve done a lot of manufacturing, and in my hometown of Kenosha, that’s their root and their bread and butter back in the day,” says Minga.

It took approximately five months to make the sculpture which is made out of recycled, reused, and new materials, but you have to wait until the sun goes down to really see Salva Jelly come to life. The sculpture features plastic bottles with solar-powered LED lights that change colors, giving the sense of jellyfish tentacles undulating.

“I find unique things in picking and scrapping, and I take something out of its context, and it’s really interesting to me,” says Minga.

Jeff Mirkes, Executive Director of Downtown Green Bay, believes Salva Jelly will add to the overall success of downtown Green Bay.

“It’s nice to have unique offerings that are artistic when people are visiting our community,” says Mirkes. “Something about it being made out of recycled materials, it makes a statement on how important it is to utilize resources appropriately and reminding people how we take care of the Earth and this place.”

“We’re proud that downtown is the home for many unique art pieces and displaying the talents of many local and artists that are beyond the boundaries of our community. It sends a message that this is a community that appreciates the arts.”

Mirkes says another piece of public art will be installed in downtown Green Bay in August.

Salva Jelly is located in the green space south of 112 N. Adams St. The Green Bay Public Arts Commission focuses on the creation and preservation of public art within Green Bay while ensuring equal access for all to enjoy and engage with public art. For more information on the Green Bay Public Arts Commission, click here. For more information on Brandon Minga, click here.