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Should you gift a pet for the holidays? The answer is not so simple

From the Local 5 Digital Desk

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – How many times have we heard a child ask for a puppy for Christmas? And sure, seeing a viral video of someone getting a dog as a gift can makes most of us tear up, but is always a good idea?

Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, a non-profit whose mission is to provide safe placement for dogs from across the country, explained how the days following Christmas can sometimes be difficult for pets that are given as gifts.

“You don’t know what the dog’s personality is going to be and if it’s going to be a good fit with your family,” Rescue Advisor Chad Blean says.

So should a pet ultimately be given as a gift?

“I would say yes and no.” While everyone loves to be surprised, and family members want to create that Hallmark card moment of having their loved one open a box with a puppy inside on Christmas morning, Blean warns that it’s not always the best idea.

A better idea would be to have the family go into a shelter or adoption agency and have a meet and greet with the pet they are interested in to ensure the personality is a good fit before bringing them home.

Surprise gifts of a pet leads to the high calls of surrenders with complaints of the dog not fitting in with the family. “It’s a really sad situation when that happens,” he adds.

Having a pet join your family at Christmas, or any time of the year can be a joyful moment, but places like Lucky 7 and other adoption agencies want spread the message that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Lucky 7 is run completely by volunteers, everything that gets sold goes right back into the rescue. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, or to adopt, or foster a dog from Lucky 7, just head to their website.

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