BRUSSELS, Wis. (WFRV) – Southern Door High School students are ready to take the audience back in time.

They are performing the musical Hello! My Baby. The show revives songs of Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, and Tin Pan Alley. The show, set in early 20th century New York, follows Mickey McKee, “teen King of the Song-Pluggers”, who meets Betty Gold, a young girl who works as a seamstress in a factory.

Hello! My Baby is what I would call a 1920s jukebox musical. It’s got a bunch of songs from the 1920s through the 50s. There’s this girl who loses her job because of a “stinkin’ song boy” and she loses her income for her sisters and gets really annoyed, so she goes to try to find a job and actually meet up with this boy. And she gets the idea to make more money by putting on a pair of trousers and pretending to be a boy,” says senior Mackenzie Finger, who is playing “Betty Gold.”

There were two casts, and the play took a month to film, with each cast recording a scene a night.

“This year we had almost an entire month of every single day after school put on your makeup out on your microphone get your hair done get in costume and then we’re filming this scene. It was really intensive that’s for sure, but I feel like it brought us closer together,” says Finger.

Students had to adapt to performing in masks for the first time, but they say it worked in their favor.

“It was a little bit different with masks, but I feel like it really helped all of our diction and it helped our expression and I feel like we’re better actors and actresses because of it,” says Finger.

It was just difficult in the sense that we have to stay six feet, we have to wear masks, we can’t show our face. Singing’s going to be completely different, expression is going to be through your eyes and the movement of your hand,” says senior Brady Tooley, who plays “Mickey McKee.”

“I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t have a normal year. I enjoyed this year with all the struggles,” says Finger.

Hello! My Baby will be available to stream on-demand starting Friday, March 19. For more information on Southern Door High School’s production of Hello! My Baby, click here.