GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A new music store is coming to Green Bay called ‘Underground Music’.

It all started with a drive down University Avenue for owners Scot Warren and Tonya Dutch. The idea of ‘Underground Music’ sparked when they passed the old ‘Guitar Cellar’.

The ‘Guitar Cellar’ sign made Dutch tear up because the owner of ‘Guitar Cellar’, Chris ‘Cruiser’ Kerscher, had passed away.

Chris ‘Cruiser’ Kerscher

“It made me tear up and he goes ‘why can’t we just do that again?’ and I literally turned the car around and I was like ‘maybe you’re right. We should do that again and so here we are'”, says Dutch.

Now Warren and Dutch are committed and determined to give the next generation of musicians a platform.

The owners realize that with everything being shut down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was important to build this because music is “essential”.

‘Underground Music’ will have recording studios, practice rooms, music lessons, vinyls, and so much more. Owners tell Local 5 that the amount of opportunity is going to be endless.

“We really want to inspire the next generation of musicians as well as existing musicians who are established and just no longer have a platform”, says Warren.

‘Stryker Records’, a record label company based out of Wisconsin, is going to be making ‘Underground Music’ their headquarters. It’ll give artists that come to ‘Underground Music’ a chance to get noticed. ‘Stryker Records’ is also going to helping promote live events with ‘Underground Music’.

“We’re open. If it’s there and it’s a right fit, we’re an open book”, says Brandon Pszanka of ‘Stryker Records’.

Warren and Dutch are so passionate about music and overly excited about what they are building for the community.

“You are welcome to come here, sit, and just talk to us and be a part of this. Sit here and play the guitar for us. Let me hear what you can do. I want to know. I want to hear”, says Dutch.

People in the community are just happy they’re getting a platform in Northeast Wisconsin.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity within the community for all artists”, says local DJ, John Woodworth.

‘Underground Music’ will also be selling designer tie-dye products and displaying local art around their store.

At the end of the day, Warren and Dutch know that Kerscher is looking down on them every day and happy that the old ‘Guitar Cellar’ building will still be filled with music daily and a place for all music lovers.

“I think everyday about how exciting it must be to look down and see his dreams continue”, says both Dutch and Warren.

‘Underground Music’ is located at 2248 University Avenue in Green Bay and they’re set to open up next month. To learn more and to stay up to date, visit their Facebook page.