GREEN BAY, Wisc., (WFRV) – For the third installment of the Street Cred series on Local 5 News, I was literally looking for a new angle. And we found it on top of the Main Street Commons Building.

Jeff Mirkes, the Executive Director of Downtown Green Bay Incorporated took us up on the roof for an angle that gives folks an appreciation for the character of the historic structures that line Old Maine Street.

The view also shows the close proximity to downtown Green Bay. It’s just about a mile away.

There is evidence that people were walking along this stretch of landscape thousands of years ago.

“We found axes and mallets from five thousand years ago,” explains Kevin Cullen, Deputy Director of the Neville Public Museum which has those artifacts from the East River near Olde Main in its collection.

Although they are not often on display, Cullen took them out for viewing on “Street Cred.”

“It was likely foot traffic. Thousands of years ago,” Cullen said. “There are stone tools that we found so we know they have been walking along the river for thousands of years.”

With European contact, Main Street became the major thoroughfare into the city and then also took travelers to the farm fields and beyond Lake Michigan.

“It was the Military Trail that connected the landscape together that started in the 1830s with Fort Howard,” said Cullen. “People would have marched this trail where now buses pass by.”