SHEBOYGAN, Wis (WFRV) – One Wisconsin woman is checking a unique task off of her bucket list.

Ginamarie Martino has visited every state park in Wisconsin. There are 49 state parks. Martino visited 48 parks, because Rock Island State Park is closed.

This wasn’t something she initially set out to do. Martino, a frequent cruiser, had three cruises planned this year. Unfortunately, they were all canceled due to COVID-19.

Martino, hiking in different types of weather conditions, started her journey at the beginning of May and finished in September.

“I like to stay active and I need things to motivate me.”

This was Martino’s first time camping. She and her traveling buddy, Atlas, did run into some problems during her trips across the state.

“I lost my keys once. I did the whole trail and got back to the car and had no keys. I’ve gotten lost on a few of the trails. The hardest trail was Peninsula State Park because some of the trails disappeared on the cliff.”

She has also seen a decent number of animals on her hikes.

“I saw a bear on one of the trails and on my last park I saw a snake. I actually have a bingo card of different wildlife that I’ve been checking off.”

Once she finished hiking every state park, Martino celebrated her accomplishments in a Facebook post that’s gotten over 10 thousand likes.

“There were so many comments and I tried to like and comment so much that Facebook actually stopped me.”

Martino says one of the frequently asked questions was which park was her favorite to visit. She ranks Devil’s Lake State Park number one on her list.

“It has everything. The water is so clean that you can snorkel. They were swimming, there was somebody paddle boarding. There were rock climbers. There’s so much to do.”

Martino says this adventure has definitely been a learning experience for her.

“It’s been amazing. I’d never really traveled Wisconsin. It was kind of neat just seeing what Wisconsin had to offer and all the different cities that you hear of but never get to visit. It was really neat seeing it all. I’ve been here all my life, it’s incredible that I have not chosen to do this earlier. Definitely travel Wisconsin, because there’s so much to offer. This is the perfect time to do it.”

Not slowing down anytime soon, Martino is already planning her next trip.

“I can’t wait to go back. I’ve already printed out maps to start travelling next year. I’d like to go to each park and do all of the trails at each park eventually. I think it would be neat to do all the trails and maybe get some friends to come with me.”

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