SHEYBOYGAN, Wis. (WFRV) — There is a lot more to see at this week’s Ryder Cup than just golf. For locals in the area, it is turning into a cash cow.

“What do I have to lose?” Laura O’Hara said.

She scored her own “hole-in-one” this weekend. Like many of her neighbors, she is renting her home out to the thousands of people headed to Wisconsin for the Ryder Cup.

“We live central to all things Kohler, and the money was good, and we had somewhere to stay, so it was kind of like a no-brainer,” she told Local 5’s Barrett Tryon.

On Monday, she was getting last-minute cleaning done in the kitchen before her first set of guests arrive later this week.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s good work. It’s organizing, it’s cleaning. It’s stuff you should do to your house,” added O’Hara.

If you were looking to rent out a home for this week’s golf match, you might be out of luck. Many sites, like AirBnB, have been sold out for months.

O’Hara worked with a third party company that specializes in renting out homes for large sporting events, like golf tournaments.

“We have a 5-bedroom house. Basically you need clean sheets, clean towels, toiletries, the basics,” she said. In addition, she said she’s adding some uniquely Wisconsin gifts to make her guests feel at home.

After the pandemic delayed the big match by a year, the hard work appears to be paying off.

“We’re going to get some nice proceeds out of it,” O’Hara said. “Get new appliances, save some, and invest some. So it’s kind of nice coming off of COVID to get an extra bump of money.”

Where are all the people going that are renting out their homes? While some are staying with family, like O’Hara, a majority opted for a vacation instead.

Our coverage continues on Local 5 News on Tuesday with a look at some free things to do for kids of all ages. Live coverage begins at 4 p.m.