Young Local Golfer Has Eyes Set on Augusta National


The most prestigious tournament in golf is here and for golfers of any age group, walking the grounds of Augusta National is definitely on the bucket list.

But there’s a young golfer from Northeast Wisconsin Who’s trying to get there a little sooner than expected, Through the nationwide drive, chip and putt Competition.

Charlie Champeau is something of a prodigy with a golf club.Ryan Champeau; Charlie’s Dad
“He’s been putting in a lot of time. Doing the chipping, the driving, the putting;” Charlie’s father, Ryan says. “And I guess the ultimate goal would be getting to go to Augusta.”

Golf’s a giver and a taker and the game gives plenty of reasons to fall in love with it. “It’s one of the only sports where you can play with your son, your dad and your grandpa, and you can all have fun and you can all compete.”

Charlie’s love for the sport is much simpler.”Because you just get to hit balls, I guess;” Charlie explains. The eight year old spends four days a week taking whacks and elevating his game to levels most adults never reach. “My lowest score is a 41. That will take some time to beat.”

Charlie’s dream is to one day get his tour card, go pro and create special moments on the course like his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods. His coach, Mitch Schaeuble, says he has a chance.”When he does his drive, chip, and putt competitions or any of his tournaments around the area, he’s pretty special in regards to being able to handle the pressure.”

Ryan Champeau hopes his son will experience his dream of making it into the Masters.’How would it feel to make it to Augusta’ “That would be incredible. Just to go watch–it’s hard to get a ticket to go watch, much less go watch your own son. That would be amazing.”

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