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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

It is a time to promote awareness and support moms when they are nursing in public.

But some mom’s can have challenges breastfeeding. Aurora BayCare Medical Center’s lactation consultants can help.

2-year-old Lincoln loves his little brother, 7-week-old Ezra, the newest addition to Jay and Kelli Salmon’s family, “He’s just like his brother he sleeps very well he eats really good,” said mother, Kelli Salmon.

Kelli decided to breastfeed Ezra for many reasons including, the bonding experience, “Really getting to know each other, know the benefits of breast feeding passing some immunity from me to the baby which is very important,” said Kelli.

But Kelli was unsure if she would be able to breastfeed due to medical reasons. So she signed up for Aurora BayCare Medical Center’s Breastfeeding Basics Class taught by certified lactation consultants, “I wanted to have a resource to help me with my breastfeeding so that I could have someone to turn to if I needed help,” said Kelli.

“It is to teach parents about breastfeeding, give a nice overview about the basics of nursing, it discusses latching tips, positioning, going back to work, pumping, all those kinds of things and it’s designed to really help answer any of those kinds of questions,” explained Kimberly Kelk, lactation consultant, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

The lactation consultants are there right after delivery to get mom and baby off to a good start and if they have any challenges, “People see us whenever they have issues with breastfeeding so if we are having issues with latching, babies not gaining weight well, mom is having sore nipples,” explained Kelk.

“They sat down with me and helped me figure out different positions, how to get Ezra to open up his mouth a little wider and how to nurse comfortably,” said Kelli.

“So we work very closely with those moms,” said Kelk, “And if things aren’t going well we help them with tips on improving it.”

Breastfeeding provides many benefits for babies, “It can help baby not get different kinds of allergies, as well as help baby with infections later on in life give that nice antibodies right away from delivery, ” explained Kelk, “It can help mom and baby with bonding.”

We spend so much time together and it feels good to know that I get to do that with him,” said Kelli.

Plus the consultants are available for mom’s even after they leave the hospital, “They can call in with questions once they’ve been discharged and if need be they will come in for an outpatient appointment,” said Kelk.

Which Kelli has done multiple times.

As Lincoln enjoys his frozen yogurt, Ezra fills up on healthy breast milk — which will help him grow so he can hang with his big brother, “Lincoln loves being a big brother, he’s helpful he likes to play with him and engage with him,” smiled Kelli.

The breastfeeding basics class is offered once a month at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

To learn more you can call AuroraBayCare at 866-938-0035 or email

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