It’s one thing many moms can attest to this Mother’s Day;  babies tend to arrive on their own time schedules and they’re not very good at waiting for appointments. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to have women’s health services close to home.  Aurora BayCare Medical Center has now expanded their women’s health services to both Marinette and Kaukauna.

“So that women can have care there, close to home,” said Dr. Stephen Sehring, OB-GYN with Aurora BayCare. “Especially in obstetrics, things can happen quickly.”

Sehring has been providing women’s health care in Green Bay for more than three decades.

“I just love developing patient/doctor relationships over the decades. I’m delivering people now who I delivered,” Sehring reflected. “It’s really rewarding. That’s one of the things that I really love about what I do.”

As medical director for Women’s Health Services, Sehring says that kind of doctor/patient relationship is vital to healthcare.

“I think there’s a trust issue,” Sehring said.

Especially as it pertains to women’s health care, Sehring says that stable connection is often missing in areas like Marinette.

“What we’ve found in the U.P. {Upper Peninsula} is center after center is closing, they’re just having a hard time retaining staff,” Sehring explained. “We’re losing these critical access hospitals so that women now are having to travel further and further for care.”

Sehring says a patient he recently saw in Marinette is a prime example of why women’s health care close to home is so crucial.  Her baby wasn’t about to wait for a long road trip.

“She’d been walking around for about a week at five centimeters dilation,” Sehring explained. For her to come to Green Bay, that may be too far for her to go and that might be a birth on the way to the hospita!l  So, you know, it’s really important to have high-quality care close to home not only for convenience but for safety. It’s a safety issue as well.”

Aurora BayCare is also expanding women’s health care to Kaukauna, with the same services they provide in Marinette.

“We provide a full array of OB-GYN services including primary care health for women, general OB care, gynecologic care, fertility.” Sehring said.  In addition, Aurora BayCare expanded clinics in Marinette and Kaukauna will also have a NICU on-site and provide genetic counseling.

Sehring says the expansion is about more than just convenience.  The idea is to provide the kind of consistent care that fosters comfort and trust in doctor/patient relationships.  That, he says, is an immeasurable quality in all health care.

I think it’s wonderful if we can have people that are seeing the same person or the same group of people over the course of years, decades hopefully, Sehring said.

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