GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – We first met Ashley Fenderson about a year ago when she introduced us to the “miracle baby” she conceived after undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

Recently Fenderson joined other patients, survivors and family members to raise awareness about gynecological cancer; with her doctor walking right by her side.

“Ashely was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a relatively young age,” said Dr. Elizabeth Dickson, a gynecologic oncologist with Aurora BayCare Medical Center. “Most patients who have ovarian cancer, and the type she had, are much older.”

Because Fenderson was just 29, Dickson and her team did everything possible to preserve her fertility while treating her cancer.   The results…

“Three months after my last chemo, I found out I was pregnant,” Fenderson said.

Little Lexi just turned three last May.

“She is every bit a ‘threenager,’ chuckled Fenderson,“ sassy, challenging, but it’s just a constant daily reminder of the miracle that she is.”

Fenderson and Dickson walked side-by-side at the Power Up for Purple event recently held in Green Bay to raise awareness for gynecologic cancer.

“It’s just awesome to be able be there with the patients and see their journey and see how well they’re doing,” Dickson said.

Fenderson had another significant life event to share when we caught up with her. Following her passion, she began a new career in healthcare.

“I’m working with hospitals and nursing home facilities to support them getting their patients on hospice or home healthcare,” Fenderson explained. “So, it’s been incredible.”

Fenderson says she finds her new career rewarding on an even deeper level because she can relate to patients going through what she did.  She says it gives her life a whole new purpose.

“It tugs my heartstrings every day,” she said. “It’s a passion. I enjoy getting up and going to work.”

Aurora BayCare also sponsored the kids portion of the Power Up for Purple awareness walk; where little Lexi walked proudly in support of her mom.

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