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Before school bells ring this fall, whistles will sound on sports fields as student athletes begin their 2019 seasons.

One of those students is Brennan Kirby, an upcoming eighth grader and three-sport athlete looking forward to the start of football season.

What he is not looking forward to is a possible sports injury.

“I play quarterback,” Brennan explained, “and my brother, I know that he tore his ACL twice and that was from cutting, you know, planting his foot and then running the other way. It happens a lot to quarterbacks because of the movement they make.”

That’s why Brennan’s mother, Beth Kirby, is taking him to get his first sports physical at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, a program she trusted for her older two sons as well.

“The focus just on kind of the student athlete and I know one of the things they do that I really wanted was the ACL prevention screening,” Beth said.

Sports Physicals are required for athletes by the WIAA every two years.

“We’re taking a look at youth athletes, and we’re screening them for anything that could set them up for major injury,” Joe Woldt, a board-certified sports physical therapist at Aurora BayCare said.

Sports Physicals at Aurora BayCare consist of stations manned by various professionals, including athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and medical doctors.

“We work as a team to look at our athletes, not just in the exam room, but in the way that they move,” Woldt explained. “We have a process where when you sign up for a time, you come in and kind of go through different stations.”

The program is designed to accommodate young athletes and their families, allowing parents to schedule appointments online for $25, a fee which is then given to the athlete’s school athletic program.

“That money goes back to the school, so it turns into a donation for their sports programs,” Woldt said.

Sports Physicals will be held at Aurora BayCare Medical Center on July 18th, 22nd, and 24th.

To learn more you can call AuroraBayCare at 866-938-0035 or email

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