Black History Month Through the Eyes of Today’s Children

Black History Month

“We celebrate it every single day because Martin Luther King Jr. changed the rules.”

Walk the halls of Howe Elementary, and see signs of a history still fresh in the mind’s of today’s kids.

“A long time ago, when white people was separate from black people because they were in different schools and all their friends couldn’t play with their friends because they were a different color.”

“Things have changed in the past 50 years because people didn’t have rights to have the same water fountain and bathrooms cause the color of their skin.”

“I appreciate everything that Rosa Parks did and Martin Luther King cause like they were trying to talk for the African American people and make everybody equal.”

“When he had ‘I have a dream’ speech, everyone was…everyone was together and black people and white people were not separated no more.”

“White people and black people at the time they were like enemies. They didn’t like each other, and then Martin Luther King wanted to have civil rights so he didn’t want to be judged for his skin color, so that’s when he decided to make a speech that he wanted black people and white people to be friends.”

That message still echoes through these halls, with lessons these kids know still apply in today’s world.

“It means happiness to me because Martin Luther King day, he made a right that white people and black people could go to the same school, same restaurant, same bathrooms, same elevators.”

“If he had never stuck up for himself and stuck up for all black people, I wouldn’t be able to be friends with other people that aren’t my skin color.”

“Now black people and white people can play with each other.”

“Zoe’s a different color and she’s still my friend, and Jemelle is a different color, and she’s still my friend. Lillith’s a different color, she’s still my friend.”

“It told other people that it doesn’t matter how how you are, how young you are, how you look or how you are and your skin color, it just means that you can be friends with whoever you want and family with whoever you want.”

“Don’t ever treat someone else [more special] than you are cause y’all, they’re, they all is the same. Just because you’re a little different does not mean you’re not the same as others.”

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