OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) Governor Evers has made a historical appointment by choosing the first African-American judge in Winnebago county.

This appointment leaves Judge Haase in awe, “When someone says ‘good morning judge’, every single time I hear that. I really I pause cause I’m like wow. They’re actually speaking to me I am judge.”

No black has served as judge in Winnebago county until Governor Evers appointed Lakeisha Haase.

Judge Haase says, “I’m absolutely just humbled that he would even have the confidence in me to do what I believe is such an important job and an important role for not only the state of Wisconsin but Winnebago county.”

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes says, “I think it’s incredibly important to make sure that we diversify the bench. It is extremely important that we lead as a state and we bring in qualified people who understand the gravity of the decisions that they’re going to be making.”

Being a wife and mother of two has added another dimension to this Marquette Law school graduate, the human element, which drew the attention of Haase’s former boss.

Attorney Timothy Hogan with Hogan Eickhoff Law Firm says, “When our practice was looking to expand, the first name that came to mind was LaKeisha. She’s really going to care about the law. Caring about making the right decision and Winnebago county definitely needs another perspective on the bench and she’s going to be able to provide that.”

Haase brings a unique outlook on the law because her walk to the bench started by overcoming adversity.

Haase says, “I grew up in the projects of Chicago and it was nothing that I think at the time that I ever thought was possible that there are certain roles and professions for certain people and black people may not fit into those and that is simply not the case.”

[Lt. Gov. Barnes says, “It’s important that we have people who are actually sentencing people share experiences of those who come before them.”

Hogan says, “I think it’s going to be that fresh perspective that the community definitely needs down in Winnebago.”

Judge Haase say her judgements will hold people accountable and hopes her words transform lives.

“People walk away from this feeling defeated. People walk away from this process feeling like this is going to define them for the rest of their lives and it doesn’t have to. Where you are today does not mean or define where you will be in the future.”

Judge Haase says she hopes to be not only fair but also impactful to Winnebago county.