GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Sharing similar traits as your doctor can be very comforting for patients and helps provide quality care for those who otherwise may have been forgotten.

Dr. Patricia Morales and Dr. Raul Mendoza are two doctors at Aurora Baycare making strides to connect with all patients, no matter their ethnicity.

“I was fortunate enough to win two scholarships in Columbia and I did my medical school in Columbia,” explained Dr. Patricia Morales-Brost, a Family Medicine physician.

“I was born and raised in Mexico. I went to Anahuac University in Mexico City,” added Dr. Raul Mendoza, a Pulmonary Medicine physician.

Both doctors say there was a transitionary period when they came to the United States and then another shift when they moved to Wisconsin.

“Being in Miami at that time helped me because Miami has a Latino population,” said Mendoza. “And when I came to Wisconsin I started learning many cultural aspects.”

“Coming from a different country, especially a Latin community, just the culture, the way you interact with the patients, the way everything is set is different,” said Morales-Brost. “It is not easy but it is fun. It actually gives you a completely different perspective on things in general.”

The doctors said that sharing things like culture, language, and shared life experiences can help them provide a higher quality of care for some of their patients.

“I never forgot what I’m coming from and everybody knows that,” said Morales-Brost. “So there’s not too many people in this area and I think that has been my niche. When you’re able to be authentic, when you’re true to yourself people embrace that.”

“I feel the spirit of the Latino, the Hispanic soul. It’s very touchy, very personal, it’s a little bit warmer in some aspects,” said Mendoza.

Each doctor said that at the end of the day it is about providing the best patient care they can no matter the identity of the patient.

And Dr. Mendoza added that after moving here he became a huge Packers fan and loves to attend games and tailgates.