KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WFRV) – One in 20 Wisconsinites are born in a different country, according to the American Immigration Council. The Council also reports that 15% of farmworkers are migrants.

Henry Fajardo, 32, has been employed at Pagels Ponderosa in Kewaunee for a decade, born in Guatemala he had dreams at an early age. “Over there, it’s a poor country, but it’s in a process to grow,” says Fajardo. That dream included the United States. “I wanted to come here and have a better life,” adds Fajardo.

Spending time outside of Wisconsin with siblings, a social media site helped to get him where he is now. “I was on Myspace and started a conversation with my now wife. She lived in Wisconsin and convinced me to come too,” explains Fajardo. When he arrived in Wisconsin, he was introduced to a group with Hispanic and Latinx community members who suggested he look into working on a Farm. “It’s a job that some people don’t want and it is easy to get into,” says Fajardo.

Jamie Witcpalek is one of the owners of Pagels Ponderosa and says Fajardo has been a hard worker. “He started as a Milker and has worked in numerous Departments and now has grown to be the Assistant Calf Manager,” explains Witcpalek. He really takes his job seriously and is dedicated, according to Witcpalek.

Henry is also providing for his family and childhood neighbors in Guatemala. “It is a very poor country, so I do what I can to help them out,” says Fajardo. Here in the United States, he is a father of three and a devoted husband who wants his children to do better than he is in life. “I want my kids to have more than I have, I want them to be the best here,” adds Fajardo.

When asked if he would like to continue to advance within Pagels Ponderosa, he says he is happy where he is. His co-workers know that they are in good hands when he is on the job. As Henry continues to build his American Dream, he has never forgotten his Hispanic Heritage and his core calling in life, which is helping others.