APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Southwest High School is back presenting Bring It On.

Senior Isac Rios, who plays Steven, says the hard work and dedication of every single individual makes it all the more reason to come out and see the show.

“Dedicated workers all over the board,” explained Rios. “Our Stage, Tech, Costume, and Makeup crews have been working around the clock to ensure everything is perfect, and they have done a fantastic job. This show would not have been possible without their hard work.”

Fellow Senior Adrienne Moder, who plays Danielle, echoed Rios’ comments.

“People can expect to see passion, hard work, and unity as our characters discover that coming in first place isn’t always the most essential aspect of competition,” added Moder. “You can expect the development of friendships as mistakes are made and learned from and will definitely be able to feel the love for what our students are ‘Born To Do’ radiating off of our amazing cast and crew.”

The cast faced some challenges with the production, but through hard work and perseverance, the students were able to overcome the difficulties.

“I was definitely not prepared for such a cheer/dance-heavy show,” said Rios. “None of us thought at the beginning that we would be able to pull off such amazing stunts, and thanks to the help of Deb Hall and our featured dancers, we were able to pull it off.”

Senior Nikko Iattoni said one of the biggest challenges was stepping out of his comfort zone and taking on tasks he’d previously not faced before.

“One of the challenges I faced was being forced out of my comfort zone to act and sing in front of an audience,” explained Iattoni. “I’d never even thought of doing something like that, but I trusted the process, and I am so proud of how everything turned out.”

But through all the challenges, the cast was able to make memories that will last a lifetime. Junior Nathalia Rivera, who plays Bridget, explained that being part of the Fox Cities P.A.C.’s Center Stage Program is one of the most important things in her life.

“Musical theater is universal, but there are definitely differences,” explained Rivera. “In Mexico, there isn’t as much support for theater and artistic activities. In Wisconsin, I have been able to expand my horizons, and I’ve learned so much from people that are so passionate about theater.”

Rivera continued on to tell Local 5 News that this production has pushed her harder than any Mexican production has, and although at times she feels intimidated at times, she knows the people around her are giving her the support and confidence she needs.

For more information on Green Bay Southwest High School’s performance of Bring It On, you can visit the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center’s website here.