Bud Schuh fought with an infantry unit for six months straight during WWII

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) About 74 years ago to this day, Army veteran Bud Schuh was overseas fighting for our country as a teenager. Not only was he very young, he was also part of some of the most intense fighting during World War II.

Schuh was 18-years-old when he was drafted and assigned to the 25th infantry as part of the 6th Army, known as “Tropic Lightning.”

“All I had to do was just follow orders from the sergeant and carry a rifle,” Schuh said humbly,

Bud would also be risking his life everyday for six months when they landed in Luzon in the Philippines.

“We went through that battle, that was pretty rough,” he said.

165 continuous days of nonstop combat with the Japanese – the 25th suffered more casualties than any other division in the 6th Army throughout that time.

“There was quite a few of that we lost in battle there,” Bud said. “I don’t know how many, but some good, good friends,”

Bud says he never even fired a gun prior to his service, but was forced to pull the trigger on the enemy.

“Cried like a baby when I had to kill my first one,” he said. “If you saw them up in a tree or something you would have to blow them out and put grenades into their bunkers, stuff like that.”

Even though the 25th lost their fair share of men, the Japanese suffered a greater loss because of guys like Bud.

“The Japanese lost 200,000 troops on Luzon.” he said.

After leaving the line, the 25th prepared for the Invasion of Japan

“They told us that there was going to be one million casualties on the invasion because [the Japanese] were fortified all over the island,” Bud said. “You’re thinking that you’re not coming home, let’s put it that way.”

Fortunately, the invasion never happened. However, he and others still went in peace as part of the Army Occupational Force.

“We had a hell of a night when they told us it was over with,” Bud explained. “We had to have this stuff destroyed. Aircraft parts and anything that pertained to the war.”

Bud earned the Bronze Star among other medals for his brave service. He finally received them in 2018 by Congressman Mike Gallagher.

Bud is now retired at 94-years-old and spent a total of 61 years as a truck driver for CW Transfer Inc. and Enterprise. He was recognized for driving 1,000,000 miles without a single, preventable accident.

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