Catherine Peters’ dream was to be a cook for the United States Air Force.

“I knew there was a bigger world out there and I just wanted to see it. My dad was trying to convince me to be a flight attendant, but I chose the Air Force instead,” Peters said.

For a decade, Peters worked as a cook, serving a tour in Germany, and then Guam, getting all of those life and learning experiences she had set out for.

“I was thrust into leadership, I didn’t quite know what I had that made me that way but I took the responsibility and we ran with it,” said Peters. “From that day, I never looked back because I was always put into leadership roles and I had some amazing commanders who took me under their wings and groomed me and trained me. I must have been a sponge and kept absorbing it and spent 10 years being a supervisor,” she said.

But Peters wanted to regain some of that structured lifestyle she enjoyed so much in the service.

“I think the military teaches you such structure and discipline and you try to go outside the norm and it’s very hard, eventually you find your way back to that lifestyle,” Peters said.

While trying to find her career path outside of the military, Peters connected with JDog, a nationwide organization that aims to reduce veteran unemployment.  

“Well, I don’t know how many veteran organizations or businesses are out there, but it’s just a leg up because you get to use your skills, you get to use the talents and the training that you’ve been given in the military. So, you kind of have a leg up on other businesses just having that veteran background,” said Peters.

All JDog businesses are owned exclusively by vets. Peters operates a JDog Junk Removal service and accompanying thrift store. 

She wouldn’t change a thing about her path to get there. Peters hopes other vets can find their paths too.

“I guess if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t do it any different because I’ve tried, I’ve wanted to dabble in other businesses before but I’m glad that I waited to get into this one first because like I said, you’re backed by such a good team of people that want you to succeed,” Peters said. “They’re not here to set you up for failure, they’re here to set you up for success, just like in the military,” she said.