MENASHA, Wis. (WFRV) – Chip Waters says giving back to others has always been a part of his life, and recently he turned a unique hobby of his into a way to help his fellow veterans.

Not many Vietnam-era vets can describe their service quite like Chip Waters can, “I saw grown men cry, a lot of people that had to go to Vietnam that didn’t want to go but went.”

Waters enlisted in the Army in 1969 and was sent to Landstuhl, Germany for 19 months as a medic, which started his foundation to want to always pay it forward.

“I’ve always thought of myself as helping other people and paying it forward,” said Waters. “That was probably the start of that for me, paying it forward to people who were down and out, sick, and hurt and being able to help them out.”

Those foundations built in the army would carry on for a lifetime for Waters, who still holds that mentality today.

Waters volunteers in a number of different ways, and now has turned a hobby of his into a way to help other veterans.

Chip’s Stix was started by Waters and has donated close to 100 walking sticks to local veteran’s groups, and he has no plans of stopping.

“I first got a basket and put some sticks in there and they were gone in no time, so I took another dozen over there and those were gone in no time. I realized that this is what I’m here for.”

Giving back is just in Chip Waters’ nature, “If you think about it, people have given up two or more years of their life to keep our country free and it’s because of our veterans and the people who are serving right now, that this is what it’s all about. I just like giving back to people who have given so much back to our country and to me.”