FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – “And so a lot of people that look at me think, ‘There’s no way that that could be you.’ There’s a lot of us walking around that people say, ‘That could never be you,'” co-owner of Rewired Dynamics in Fond du Lac, Kim Galske said.

But this is Galske – She’s a marine, an entrepreneur and dedicated to serving her community, but it was a long road for her to get there. 

It started when she joined the marines.

“I joined in 1996 right out of high school right after my senior year, not knowing what was going to happen, and who knew that six months after I got out, 9/11 would hit,” Galske recalled.

Galske spent five years in the marines, but her life changed when she got out.

She found herself and her son Brandon homeless and out on the streets.

“When we hit rock bottom that way, we start to really learn where we want to put our time and energy, and mine was really spent working on myself because of him, because of Brandon. I ended up in Wisconsin, Wisconsin adopted me I like to say,” she said.

That was when Galske turned her life around- She found her way to the Salute the Troops foundation in Fond Du Lac, a non-profit that supports veterans- She became the executive director.

“We also help in linking other organizations together because we don’t believe we can fill every gap, but we feel we can support and help put people in the right position for success,” Galske said.

Galske now co-owns Rewired Dynamics, a business dedicated to promoting mental health, something near and dear to her heart.

But Galske is much more; A mom, a Marine, and a server of her community.

“Being a part of things is important, it’s important for people to give their time, find something that’s passionate for you. Find something that speaks to what you love to do and never forget that someone in the military is allowing you to make the choices that you get to make as far as your freedom is concerned, and we should be respectful of that,” Galske said.

Galske set off with Team One Mile on June 16th for a 3000-mile cross-country journey to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund. To learn more about Team One Mile and the Race Across America, click here.