(WFRV) – Many veterans will tell you that camaraderie in the military is like no other, and for this week’s Hometown Hero, Nancy Felda, it’s that friendship that has made the military a constant throughout her entire life.

“He served in World War II, and as aboard ship. He was a joker of the times.” 

Just like her father, Nancy Felda has quite the outgoing personality. 

But she wasn’t always that way- until she joined the Navy in1959. 

“I graduated, and I think a week-and-a-half later, I was in the navy. it was scary. in fact, I left Neenah via train, and how many people go by train to reach their destination?” 

After boot camp, that destination was the naval training center at Bainbridge in Maryland. 

“I went to work for the chaplains’ office, and I became what’s known as a yoman at that time, a yoman is like a secretary-type job, and I was there for the duration. 

Just three years in the Navy was enough to change Felda’s outlook on life. 

“Before I used to be kind of on the quiet side, now I’m not so quiet. I’m a little more outspoken now but, that’s the way it is. Your buddies are pretty good to you, especially in the service.” 

She cherished those buddies so much that two decades after finishing her time with the Navy, Felda went into the Naval Reserves for eight years.   

“I must’ve missed it. The people, you had a lot of friends. You learn a lot from being in the service, you really do. And no matter what branch of the service you are, they’re all your friends, and they’ll back you at any time you need to be backed.”  

Felda has been a member of Appleton’s American legion post for 38 years, even serving as commander… she’s a part of vets and friends in Appleton too. 

And for Felda, freedom, and friendship, have always been the two constants in her life. 

“It’s a great group, it really is. And we all have our own personalities and you meet a lot of good friends. And if i had to go to war, I would’ve went. and I still would volunteer… although I’m too old.:”