Kelli Carroll Retired as an E-8 After 20 Years of Service in the Navy

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Kelli Carroll knew that she wanted to be a teacher and travel the world after attending UW-Whitewater. She would eventually get to teach, just not in a classroom.

She was inspired by her father to enlist with the Navy in 1984. He had served with the Navy in Korea. She would go on to become a ship serviceman responsible for finances and accounting. 

Kelli served on five different ships and went on five deployments. Four were to the Middle East as a part of Desert Storm. The other deployment was to Japan. She also decommissioned three of the ships she was on. 

She retired as an E-8 after 20 years of service. Today, Kelli continues to give back as a member of American Legion Post 539 out of Green Bay. 

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