TOKYO (WFLA) — One of the best things about exploring Japan is the food, and for the country, it’s big business.

Tsukiji Fish Market, a bucket list food destination for many, is a haven for sushi, seafood, ramen, and more.

Anne Kyle owns Arigato Japan Food Tours. Arigato has 40 different food tours showcasing the flavors of Japan, from tea to street food and everything in between.

“You’ll definitely noticed most places specialize in one thing,” Kyle said. “So if it’s sushi, that place will only serve sushi. If it’s ramen, then that’s only ramen. That is because the Japanese artisan spirit really believes in perfecting one thing. And that’s the only thing that they will give to you. Sixteen perfecting that to the highest level is really showcasing the shokunin spirit of Japan.”

Kyle said her business has taken a major hit during the pandemic.

“Things were really good before the pandemic, but given how things are iin Japan right now, we are really struggling,” Kyle said.

She hoped the Olympics would help, but it’s been tough without foreign spectators. She is looking ahead with hopes of a brighter future for the industry.

“I do think once things get better all eyes will be on Japan again,” she said.