(WFRV)- Back pain is a serious problem that 80 percent of Americans deal with in their lifetime. This is why back pain is the 3rd most common reason to visit the doctor’s office.

The good news is the majority of back pain is not due to an irreversible injury, nor does it mean there is serious damage.

One way to help your back is to keep moving. It might seem odd, but getting moving as soon as possible will help.

Bellin has physical therapy that is open to new patients. You can walk into their Walk-in Orthopedics Clinics in Green Bay and Marinette.

The Green Bay Walk-in Orthopedics Clinic is located at 1970 South Ridge Road in Green Bay. The Marinette walk-in orthopedics clinic is located at 2820 Roosevelt Road.

For more information visit bellin.org/titletown.