(WFRV) – We’re getting cozy for today’s Holiday Spotlight with the alpacas at LondonDairy.

Kevin and Laura from LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch in Two Rivers give details on how you can spend the holidays at the ranch and take part in their holiday special: get a free Alpaca Teddy with $100 purchase.

LondonDairy is open Saturdays and Sundays and on Christmas Eve. They are located at 6827 on Highway 147 in Two Rivers.

Reach them at 920-793-4165, online at londondairyalpacas.com.

Alpaca wool: It is 3x warmer than sheep’s wool, 7x stronger than sheep wool, is hypoallergenic (lanolin-free, unlike sheep’s wool), antimicrobial, super soft, no-itch and has a strong wicking property; all adding up to keeping the wearer cozy warm and dry. Alpaca fiber is actually hollow so it traps more of your body’s heat, yet remains lightweight and breathable.