(WFRV)- The Maid and the Socialite is a book that tells the story of an illiterate maid named Mary and Mollie, a college-educated socialite.

The two women from Green Bay, Wisconsin found their lives destroyed by the simple fact that blood tests were not around yet. This made it impossible for the scientists of their time to say what they were infected or not infected with. Mary and Mollie fell victim to the physical violence and mental abuse of celebrated surgeon Dr. John R. Minahan.

To silence them, he claimed they had that shameful and dreaded disease. But as medical science advanced and suffragettes marched for their rights, Mary and Mollie found the courage to stand up for theirs.

You can find this book at:

Lion’s Mouth Bookstore- 211 N Washington St, Green Bay

Bosse’s News and Tabaco- 107 S Broadway, De Pere

Novel Bay Booksellers- 44 N 3rd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Or on Amazon.