(WFRV)- We all love treats. Yaw’s favorite treat is Peanut Brittle, but he doesn’t like how it sticks to your mouth.

Yaw made an amazing candy that is just like Peanut Brittle but without the stick. Yaw set about bringing an authentic range of Ghana-style Peanut Brittle to the US.

Yaw was born and raised in Ghana, where Peanut Brittle wasn’t as sticky. Ever since migrating to the US, Yaw has dreamt of owning and operating his own business. After pursuing several ventures, he rediscovered his love of traditional West African foods.

Sharay’s also sells other treats like toffees, caramels, and more.

For more information head to sharaysgsb.com.

They will also be at the Green Bay and Oshkosh Farmers’ Markets.