(WFRV)- Let Me Be Frank Star Amy Angelfood previews the upcoming musical Frank’s Christmas.

The elves return for another Christmas season of smiles, songs, and a little bit of mischief. Frankie Fuzzballs, Amy Angelfood, Pauly Pockets, Patty Cakes, and newbie elf, Shelfie, have a new job this year. The council has been tasked with teaching Beerntsen’s Candies how to make a true chocolate yule log. However, the assignment at hand is bigger than they anticipated, and they need some reinforcements. After receiving several applications, they’ve narrowed down the pool of applicant elves who seem to possess a lot of great potential.

Lisa Lollipop, Sarah Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and Krampy Krueler are called in to interview. Shelfie seems to be the only elf who sees Kramy Krueler for what he truly is…a Krampus. Why does Krampy want to join the do-gooder elf council? And can Shelfie convince everyone of his true identity before it’s too late? You’ll have to find out in our all-new and all-original Christmas show. 

Frank’s top entertainment picks of the week:

#3- Macbeth takes the stage at the Forst Inn in Tisch Mills Friday(11/10) through Sunday(11/12).

#2- The Struts play at the Epic events center on Friday(11/10).

#1-Spamalot takes the stage at Brillion High School Thursday(11/9) through Saturday(11/11).

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