(WFRV) – Grow some food, meet your neighbors, experiment with new recipes, and share the love of delicious, freshly grown food.

New Leaf Foods is growing the idea of an Urban Food Forest.

So why is this important? As we are seeing, grocery store prices are constantly on the rise. We have kids here going to bed hungry. We have elderly folks that aren’t getting healthy food. More and more people are becoming food insecure. Our best way to combat these issues is to think and produce locally and help our neighbors with community, cooperation and direct action, even if it’s little. 

Planting fruit-bearing bushes in your landscape is a simple place to start. Nanking Cherries, American Hazelnuts, American Plums, Elderberries, Juneberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Currants are all great examples that will grow well in our climate.

New Leaf Foods, Inc. supports the health and well-being of the people of Greater Green Bay by promoting healthy food access and education and by cooperating throughout Northeast Wisconsin to build a thriving local food system in a clean environment. 

Purchase plants at https://newleaffoods.org/new-leaf-food-forest or sign up for a class at https://newleaffoods.org/calendar-of-events