(WFRV)- The Wall That Heals is meant to give the welcome that Vietnam Veterans deserve.

When they came home after the war, they were not met with open arms and hugs from strangers. The Wall That Heals is meant to pay the respects that they deserve.

If you have a Vietnam Veteran that has passed that you would like to include in their “In Memory display”, a story from the last time The Wall That Heals was in Crivitz, a story about a Vietnam Veteran, or a story about growing up in the Vietnam War Era that you would like included in their educational displays please email: Kdeschane@vocwi.com.

Along with The Wall That Heals, they have there is a museum with artifacts from the Vietnam War. You can see the technology that was used during the Vietnam War to shed light on everything that Veterans had to go through.

For more information head to villageofcrivitz.com/twthcrivitz.