(WFRV)- Terra Verde Coffeehouse and Roastery and Scoops Ice Cream House are helping other small businesses succeed, thanks to their wholesale line.

Today, we meet one of their partners, G Scoops in Plymouth.

The menu features award-winning “Scoops” ice cream, crafted in Chilton. “G Scoops” takes it to the next level, using the ice cream in their creations like “The Faddy Daddy”. This dessert packs a donut and ice cream into one cup. You can also enjoy Ice Cream Nachos with the sauce of your choice.

Visit “G Scoops” at 117 Division Street in Plymouth.

For more information, head to Facebook and search for G Scoops.

For Terra Verde Coffeehouse and Roastery, head to terraverdecoffee.com. For Scoops Ice Cream House, head to scoopsicecreamhouse.com.