Caring for your Christmas tree and other living decorations

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(WFRV) – More people are buying real Christmas trees, in fact sales are up ten percent in the last five years. 

Researchers say millennials have gotten to the age where they are settling down, getting married and having children. 

Social media may also be driving sales, as people look for that picture perfect holiday setting. 

Tree growers say during the great recession consumers spent less and there was an oversupply of trees. 

Price tags were less than what is cost tree farmers to produce. So, they planted fewer trees. 

Since the crop takes between 8-10 years to mature we are feeling the effects of that slump now. 

There are enough trees to go around, but Wisconsin is shipping more out of state to help fill voids. 

If you’ve decided to go green this year with a real tree this video offers some tips for keeping it fresh.

Tammy Aissen, Owner of Aissen Tree Farm says you should expect to water your tree the most in the first two weeks. She says if you’re not ready to put your tree in the house just yet, it can stay in the garage. Just be sure to make a fresh cut, before putting it in your stand. 

Trees should be watered roughly twice a day. 

When it comes to wreathes and kissing balls, no watering is needed. They release more aroma as they dry out. 

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