(WFRV) – A milestone was reached by the dairy herd management program at Lakeshore Technical College when for the first time since the program began in 1973, all newly enrolled students were females.

Since 2015, an average of 63 percent of students in the Lakeshore program have been female. The 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, which is done every five years, reported an increase to 29.1 percent from 13.7 percent of women reporting as principal operators of farms in the United States. This equates to over 500,000 more women. The census also reported 35 percent of principal operators on farms in Wisconsin to be female.

Millaine Wells had the chance to meet these passionate young ladies, and find out why they are exploring careers in agriculture.

For information about Lakeshore’s dairy herd management program, visit gotoltc.edu/dairy-herd.