(WFRV) – We are facing a global maple syrup shortage.

In fact, you might have heard about Canada releasing some syrup from its “International Strategic Reserve”. It is a warehouse the size of five football fields, near Quebec City, stacked with drums of the popular pancake topper.

Now, local producers are stepping up to get more syrup in the pipeline and they say that collaboration will be key for the industry.

Chris Blaser from Blaser’s Acres is putting out the wanted ad for raw ingredients. He’s looking to buy sap from people who tap trees but do not want the work of finishing the product themselves.

Even with 17,000 of their own trees tapped, Blaser’s Acres isn’t meeting the demand. Global syrup production tanked by 70 percent in 2021, due to weather.

Farms in Wisconsin faired better, but say the price of maple syrup is still up. In addition to lower production, people are consuming more syrup.

To get in touch with Blaser’s Acres about selling sap, visit blasersacres.com or connect with the farm on Facebook. You can also call 920-655-0483.