(WFRV) – June is Dairy Month and Wisconsin knows how to celebrate. Dairy farming has been a main pillar of Wisconsin’s economy for more than 180 years.

National Dairy Month started out as National Milk Month in 1937 to promote drinking milk. In 1939, June Dairy Month became the official title of the promotion and focused on the greater use of milk and other dairy products.

One way to celebrate is by attending a Breakfast on the Farm event. They are happening across the state. Check out this map to locate one near you, or take a road trip! They offer a chance to explore the host farm, learn about sustainability and have a tasty meal.

From calcium to potassium, real dairy products like milk contain 13 immunity-boosting nutrients including Vitamins A and D, zinc and protein.

Dairy farmers significantly impact their communities, from supporting more than 157,000 jobs to creating dairy products and caring for the land that will be passed on to future generations. 

In America, the dairy industry is responsible for only about 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions and has recently adopted a goal to reduce that even further by 2050. Wisconsin has over 40 dairy-farmer-led watershed groups that work hard to protect thousands of acres of land and water for future generations.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has curated a collection of recipes featuring dairy for every meal of the day, plus snacks and desserts.

When you are shopping, support Wisconsin farmers by looking for the “Proudly Wisconsin” badge on your dairy products.