Access for all at Neshotah Beach in Two Rivers


Two Rivers has a new tool to help make sure everyone has access to Neshotah Beach. Kris Schuller reports the city has installed a mobility mat  to help the disabled reach the water.

On a warm day at Neshotah Beach, you are sure to see a crowd.

“We describe it as the best beach in Wisconsin,” said Two Rivers Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Boehm.

And now thanks to this mobility mat, even those dealing with a disability now have access to the white sands and cool waters of Lake Michigan.

“It’s an accessible mat. It’s called a Mobi-Mat,” said Boehm. “People that use wheelchairs, walkers, such like that, they can travel over the sand and get to the water’s edge safely.”

Boehm says the city installed the Mobi-Mat before Memorial Day after purchasing it to replace a rubber conveyor belt which use to provide some access.

“But it wasn’t ADA compliant, it wasn’t wide enough for wheelchairs. The Mobi-Mat is completely ADA compliant, as long as we maintain the surface, keeping it uniformed and level,” Boehm said.

Boehm says his community is one of the very few in Northeast Wisconsin using a mobility mat. He says the feedback he has received so far has been very good.

This young mother gave it high marks after pushing a stroller with two kids and says anyone with a disability would likely feel the same.

“For instance, my dad had a knee replacement and it’s very difficult for him to walk on the sand and having access like this would be fantastic,” said Alissa Shere.

“This is just something great that we can offer to all of our beachgoers, our community and surrounding areas to allow them to get down to the water’s edge.

Access for all here at Neshotah Beach.

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