GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Halloween is right around the corner and if creepy dolls are your thing, there’s an event for that.

“It’s fun because you never know what they’re going to be,” said horror artist Morgan Ackermann.

Historic Hazelwood House in Green Bay played host to the second annual creepy doll creation class.

Participants could bring their own doll or buy one at the event. They could then use paint, nails, rope, lighters, and scissors to make their dolls as creepy as possible.

Ackermann said Halloween is her mother’s favorite holiday and said she grew up doing Halloween crafts.

“I think I made my first one (creepy doll) as a joke for one of my friends and just handed it to her and she thought it was terrifying and she hated it,” said Ackermann.

After the participants finished up their demented dolls they got to go room-by-room in the house to do a photoshoot with them.

“You can turn them into something else and give them another life, another chance to do something,” said Ackermann.

There is another session on Friday night, Friday the 13th, but the event is sold out according to its website.